Planted into your Heart

planted into your heart

The faith of Christ has been planted into your heart. The same measure of faith that healed the sick, set the captives free and raised the dead has been given to you. The favour of the Lord rests upon you and heaven’s life is now your very life. God’s will is for you to live in the finished work of Jesus, to flow in the unconditional stream of God’s love and be immersed in the river of his delight.


Love Story

love story

The story of your life is a love story. Your lover has been drawing you to him from the moment you drew your first breath. His desire for you is before time and his passion for you was declared in laying down his life for you.  The cross was the climax of history, the act in which God’s eternal plans and purposes were fulfilled.  The passionate pursuit of your heart cantered in and through the cross.  The purpose of the cross was for God to infuse you with his love, to unite you in his love and to enjoy you in the depths of his love.

With You.


Christ goes with you to the places you do not want to go, he faces with you the scenario’s that you do not want to face. Your heart was made to be united with the father. Your heart was created to experience and enjoy His strong and tender love. His longing to be with you is what you were created to receive. For his desire is now your desire.  Meet with him, commune with him, enjoy him, delight in him, allow his delight in you to radiate through your entire being.

Your Comforter


Christ is your total comforter, his life in you is the comfort of heaven stilling the storms of life. God declares you holy and righteous in Christ. You have been birthed into the glory of God.  Birthed with the fullness of Christ. It is in Christ that you are made complete. God has stamped your heart with the approval of Jesus, when God looks at you his heart is filled with joy and overflows with songs of victory over your life. Christ in you, is your guarantee of glory, your confident expectation that he is making all things work for your good.

Filled With The Fullness of Christ

fullness of Christ


Christ in you the overflowing joy of heaven alive in your heart. His life is your joy, is your strength. The enemy would besiege you with a tangled web of lies, spun in a thread of weariness and fainting. The distractions of life have been developed to wear you down, sap your strength, overwhelm your heart with anxiety and overshadow your faith with a fainting heart. In Christ you have been connected and united to the power source of heaven and Christ has won total victory over every distraction.   Let his life and power flow over you, flow in you and flow out of you. You are filled with the fullness of Christ.

Passionate Love

passionate love

Unveil the glory of the risen Christ that lives in you. Draw back the curtains of your heart and reveal the beauty of God radiating from within you. Jesus has married himself to you. You are his bride, his consuming passion, his delight, the desire of his heart. His love for you is an everlasting passion to bless, care, cherish and be united with you. His will for you is that you drink and eat the communion of his death and resurrection and that you never hunger or thirst again. Be satisfied in Christ and let him hold, enfold and consume you with his passionate love.



Today, let Christ live out of the overflow of your heart, open up your innermost thoughts and let his living water flood over your life. Don’t let the thief come in and steal the lover’s gifts from your heart. Refuse false accusations, put busyness in its rightful place and throw yourself at the feet of Jesus. Let Christ draw you close, enjoy the sweetness of his breath in your soul and allow Jesus to reveal his beauty to you. Your lover is calling you, beckoning you into his chamber of love, let him live out of the overflow of your heart.

His Desire for You.


Christ loved us before the beginning of time; His desire was his passionate pursuit of our hearts. The love that fills our hearts has been birthed in the love of God. We were created by love, in love and for love. We are a living, breathing, reflection of the trinity, a manifestation of the desire and delight of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The passion placed inside your heart is the passion of God to be intimate with the core of your being.  His desire for you is the fuel for his total commitment to see you flourish in every part of your life.

Seeds of Love.

seeds of love

The seeds of love sowed into your heart by Christ are bringing about a harvest of his goodness. The fruit that Christ will produce from you has been planted and grown in the finished work of the cross. The tree of life alive within you is a tree of love, forgiveness and unmerited grace. Delight in his desire to see you flourish in all good things and let his fruits manifest in your life. Declare his goodness, enjoy his freedom and be immersed in the power of the Holy Spirit.



Forgiveness flows from the deep infinite heart of God. The eternal display of his love has been forever captured in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. With every act of forgiveness that comes from our hearts, we portray the tender love of God.  Our declaration to the world is that God loves you, he has forgiven you and he invites you into an intimate relationship birthed in love. When you forgive you are a living demonstration that the Kingdom of God has arrived and every act of forgiveness kisses earth with heaven.