Promises – I Have Been

I have been redeemed by His blood

I have been set free from condemnation

I have been chosen before the foundation of the world

I have been predestined to be like Jesus

I have been forgiven of all my past, present and future sins

I have been washed clean by the blood of Jesus

I have been given a sound mind

I have been given the Holy Spirit

I have been adopted into God’s family

I have been justified freely by His grace

I have been given all things pertaining to life

I have been given great and precious promises

I have been given a ministry of reconciliation

I have been given authority over the power of the enemy

I have been given access to God

I have been given wisdom


Please feel free to leave any comment you want, you might agree, you might disagree, you might just be curious and I will try to get back with an helpful reply. Be Blessed.

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