Grace Is Love That Stooped.

Love that stoops

Most of us aren’t even aware that grace is love that stooped

Christ’s love stooped down into our world, kissed our existence and met us where we were.

His overflowing compassion connected with his cherished creation.

He took our broken and alienated existence and lifted us up to his exalted position.  Grace overflowed into the dust and brought us into a place of blessing and plenty.

Imagine that the one who had everything, gives up everything and becomes poor, so that through his poverty we might become rich.

Grace is coming home into the feast that your Father prepared for you.

Christ stooped down; Christ provided all heaven’s riches for us through his death and resurrection.

Christ came for the broken, the messed up, the unqualified, the ruined, the confused, the doubtful, the failure, the lonely, the lost, the selfish, and the proud, for Christ searches for every lost sheep and seeks after every forgotten gem.

Christ comes down to us and embraces us with his indestructible life, his unconditional love, infinite compassion, embracing kindness and unstoppable grace.

No matter what we do, no matter what we do not do, He is for us, he is whispering to us, he will never fail us; we are safe forever held in the eternal arms of grace.


Please feel free to leave any comment you want, you might agree, you might disagree, you might just be curious and I will try to get back with an helpful reply. Be Blessed.

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