You Are Unique


Whatever you believe, you will demonstrate. Whatever you receive, will captivate your heart. Every small step you take into the promises of Christ will effortlessly change your perspective on life. You are a valuable, precious, unique voice that God chose for a specific time, for a specific plan and purpose. No one has ever existed that has been made the same as you. Christ has birthed in you a unique new creation, a union of you and him. Receive all he has for you, believe all he has provided for you and let your light shine brightly for all to see. Christ in you is the hope of glory, the hope of living water to the thirsty, the provision of life to the hungry and the hope of freedom to all those held captive by chains.


Please feel free to leave any comment you want, you might agree, you might disagree, you might just be curious and I will try to get back with an helpful reply. Be Blessed.

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