Psalm 16

Between lost and becoming I cannot escape The thin veil Of abandoned emotions Where every path discovers hidden glens And takes me deeper Through drifts of rain Sweeping streams Corridors of dandelions Into a field of abundance. Let me lie Half-submerged Nearly dissolved In the golden fields of grace.

Psalm 14

Foundations crumble Wars take place From nothingness A vacuum of separation Void of love Empty Lifeless disturbance As philosophies produced Demand explanation The dead remain dead. Can someone teach me to cry? As the winepress seeps blood The chalice of grace drips Tears of love Bearing the pain Forgiving the sin Flow from the open […]

Psalm 13

A vacuum within realities Threatening rumblings Growing more intense Deep within me Wars take place After the last door has shut   The liquid of experience Asks each question And offers freedom From regret and despair   Listen to your promises For the sharing of your blood Is the reason why I saw, Forgiveness in […]

Psalm 12

I have seen justice I have watched as others escaped I have cherished goodness I have seen weakness burn.   On falling leaves and rising suns On something as lifeless as rock On a far away persistent clock On a granite boulder sealed to hold   A time when things were made to live A […]

Psalm 11

The night is over The air is calm and still Through misty silent valleys Gleaming water drops Dance in anticipation Shimmering Tender, profound, forgiving love, Rising into waves of praise Imparts the perfume of heaven Omnipotent grace Dissolving beams of light Infusing every heart Shining within The sun of righteousness.

Psalm 10

Dust sparkles in the sun Small gleams on the bank Gemstones silent in the moonlight Angels on the ramparts This piece of eternal sky This place beyond today For arms ached Hands blistered Leaf stains as thickened wine Distant memories.   Written in a century of dreams Hopes rise as a watchman Beyond the guilty […]