Which Tree?

We have a choice to eat from the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil or Eat from the Tree of Life. The Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil deals with questions – What if? The Tree of life deals with Answers – The answer is always Christ. So we start with Christ, what did he win at the cross, what does his finished work mean in the life of the believer, we have been en-grafted into him, so he is part of us and we are part of him. He saves us, if that salvation eternally or is it temporary. As Andrew Wommack teaches “Faith is our positive response to all that He has done by grace.” So In Christ we are eternally blessed, we are seated in heavenly places, we are sons of Christ. A lost coin still has its full value even when it is lost; our value is based in the answer not in the question. If you focus on questions you will see things through the filter of What If’s? If you see things through answers you will know beyond any shadow of doubt that You are Christ’s and He is yours.


Please feel free to leave any comment you want, you might agree, you might disagree, you might just be curious and I will try to get back with an helpful reply. Be Blessed.

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